Our Philosophy

Writing is a process that ends only with the deadline. We believe that writing can always be improved; that there is no perfect sentence. The choice of words and their arrangement is an infinite puzzle with many best possible solutions. Determining the best solution depends on the writer's goals. Who is the document for? Why is it being written? What kind of document is it? What are its length limitations, if any? These myriad questions require writers to be flexible and to have strong habits that allow them to adapt to the circumstances.

As writing experts and teachers, we have crafted seminars to help business writers become more comfortable with the skill of communication and develop behaviors that will make the writing process easier, faster, more adaptable, and, most importantly, more effective. Our courses encourage employees develop better writing habits so they can adapt quickly and easily to all writing scenarios and better meet the needs of their audiences. We think writing is challenging and fun, and we want your business to benefit from our knowledge and enthusiasm.

As editors, we work with you to understand what you are trying to say, to whom, about what, and under what constraints, and then develop an accurate and correct expression of that idea. To be successful, we work with you rather than for you. While we can simply "correct" text, and are happy to do so, we think of editing as a conversation. We ask questions. We make suggestions. We provide options.


our team



In addition to offering consulting services through Appendance, Jenny Morse teaches Business Writing at Colorado State University and offers writing seminars through Employers Council in Denver. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Bowdoin College in Maine, her Master’s in Creative Writing at the University of Colorado—Boulder, and her PhD in English at the University of Illinois—Chicago. As a freelance writer and editor, she has written website copy, award speeches, and frequently ghostwrites for a CEO, publishing articles in Forbes, Inc., and Wired. Over 40 of her poems have been published in literary magazines around the country and internationally, along with several critical articles on ecopoetics. When she isn’t writing, teaching, or reading, Jenny spends her time running, hiking, and traveling. So far, she has been to all 50 states and 5 continents.



Beyond leading professional writing seminars for Appendance, Katie Hoffman teaches Composition and Literature at Colorado State University. She earned her Bachelor's in English Literature from Ferris State University in Michigan and a Master's in Rhetoric and Composition at Colorado State University. She has experience training employees, leading professional development workshops, copyediting, and conducting individual, group, and online writing consultations. Outside of work, Katie is a trail runner, mother, bookworm, and swimmer.

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Along with conducting writing seminars for Appendance, Theresa Wernimont teaches Business Writing and Communications at Colorado State University (CSU).  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Management and Master’s degree in Business Administration at CSU and has taught undergraduate writing courses for 11 years and online MBA courses for 7 years.  As an entrepreneur with over 20 years of industry experience in operations and human resources, her writing experience includes crafting company policies, procedure manuals, product specifications, templates, grant proposals, marketing brochures, and articles for trade publications.  In her spare time, Theresa enjoys attending local theater and music performances, taking long walks, and visiting with family and friends.