Business writing consultants at Appendance are highly trained writers and editors with advanced degrees in writing and experience working for many different businesses on projects ranging from website copy to award nomination speeches. 


Development that brings your ideas to life.

Example: A computer game designer developed a new game with a detailed backstory but couldn't decide on a name. We worked with the client to determine what titles he liked, what words appealed to him, what sound elements he preferred. We were a brainstorm partner, a thesaurus, and a sounding board. Together, we found a name that worked (and passed the trademark review).  

Writing that empowers your document.

Example: A busy entrepreneur wanted to nominate his company for an award, but didn't have time to fill out the application, attend to the details and write the essays. We gathered the necessary information through the company website, media publications, and emails in order to submit an effective and timely nomination package on behalf of the client.

Editing that provides guidance about style, content, language.

Example: A photographer looking for a job wanted to revise his resume and cover letter. We reviewed his original documents, made suggestions, compared his resume to others in his industry, suggested active verbs, rewrites, and new ideas for how to frame his work history. Through several revisions, we helped him create a cover letter and resume that really showed his experience and assets.


Copyediting that ensures your writing is clear, correct, and accurate.

Example: A personal trainer developing a flyer for her fitness classes wanted a review of her materials before she printed them. We made some word changes for clarity, adjusted the structure of a few sentences, fixed grammar errors, and made sure the class dates, times, and locations were correct.


If you are interested in hiring one of our consultants for a writing project, please contact to discuss the details, timeline and cost of your project.



  • Provide content and rewrites for websites

  • Create and proofread Marketing Requirement Documents (MRDS) and marketing decks

  • Ghostwrite news articles that have been published in Forbes, Inc., Wired, Huffington Post and other media outlets

  • Write award nomination essays and speeches

  • Gather articles, edit, and design layout for newsletters

  • Prepare and proofread fundraising materials and mailings

  • Edit resumes and cover letters

  • Edit theses and dissertations, particularly for ESL writers

  • Consult on fiction, non-fiction, and poetry

  • Copyedit for Packingtown Review Literary Magazine

  • Consulted on upcoming computer game

  • Read and consulted on script development