We offer 5 standard classes, each focusing on a different aspect of professional writing.

Workbooks are provided for each participant in the course. Writers of any skill level are welcome in all classes. The following courses are organized from basic grammar instruction to advanced writing techniques:

  • Brush-up English reminds participants of parts of speech and other vocabulary for discussing common grammar errors. Then it applies those concepts to familiar and frequent errors, so participants can learn how to identify, avoid, and correct them. 

  • Write It Right focuses on identifying and correcting common grammar errors, particularly as a final pass before a message is sent out to its audience. The emphasis is on proofreading more than editing or revising.

  • Email: Write for Results reviews when to use email, how to use it effectively, and what steps to take in planning, drafting and revising messages. This course can incorporate particular email guidelines and policies for your company as well as use company-specific examples. This course can be offered as a half-day session.

  • Effective Business Writing guides participants through the writing process, from questions to ask in planning your document, through particular concerns while drafting, to errors to watch out for in revising. Our most popular course, Effective Business Writing can incorporate examples from your company or participants  and can be tailored to optimize skills in managers, support staff, or other employee groups. 

  • Write It Well: How to write shorter and more positive messages helps participants work on sentence-level strategies for improving the tone of their writing. This course can be offered as a half-day session.

Course Fee*^

For up to 25 participants:

  • Full day for $2665 (generally from 8:30am-3:30pm, but the schedule can be adjusted to meet your needs) and $75 for each additional participant.

  • Half day for $1925 (3 and a half hours; timing is flexible) and $50 for each additional participant.

Additional costs (transportation, mileage, lodging) apply for travel more than 1hr from Fort Collins.

Cancellations less than 14 days before the event will result in a charge of 50% of the seminar fee.
Rescheduling less than 14 days before the event will result in a charge of 25% of the seminar fee.

*Course fee includes the initial consultation with the organization, instruction time, local travel time, materials, and the individual bonus review.
^ Ask about our discount for members of Mountain State Employers Council.


Individual Bonus Review Included

Each class includes the option for participants to send the course instructor up to 3pgs of writing for review prior to the course. This allows the instructor to tailor the course more specifically to the group and provides participants with more individual feedback on their writing. Samples must be received by the instructor one week prior to the seminar date.

Supplementary Texts

A textbook in addition to the provided workbook can be included with the course for $18 per book, if desired. These books are solely provided as reference materials so that participants have another resource to use as they continue to improve their writing skills. When provided, reference materials are incorporated into the class so that participants know where to find useful information and reminders in each text. The supplementary text is not critical to the seminar, though many employers find that the additional resource encourages employees to engage in and check on excellent writing practices after the seminar.


Options in addition to the standard course offerings are available:

  • Significant course customization

  • Course design for a particular group or need

  • Template analysis and/or revision

  • Communication process analysis and/or revision

  • Pre-course assessment

  • Post-course assessment

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