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We offer editorial services, one-on-one coaching, and on-site business writing seminars.


Words are the method by which we conduct business, so we have to put them to work for us, and we can only do that by increasing our skill and comfort with written language. Appendance is where words work.


Writing matters more than ever

Communication has always been at the center of business, but new technologies have transformed the ways in which we communicate. In 2018, employees reported that they spent about 3.1 hours of each workday on business email alone, according to a study by Adobe, and email is only a small portion of all the writing people do to complete their job responsibilities, which means excellence in writing has never been more important. In informal polls conducted in our seminars, employees feel as if they are spending more than 80% of their work time writing.


How do you convey credibility in your writing?

We know that coworkers, bosses, clients, and potential customers evaluate how well we do business by whether we dress the part, speak correctly, express concern for their needs, and act in a timely manner. Appropriate posture, dress, tone, facial expression, and even gestures work to convey our credibility in person and on the phone. However, writing strips away so many of these other methods for communicating and evaluating credibility. Word choice, sentence structure, clarity, conciseness, correctness, and consideration become the methods on the page that we use to communicate our credibility, which is why these skills must be impeccable in the workplace.


Experts at teaching business writing

Appendance offers the opportunity for employees to review and refresh their writing skills in order to increase their ability to communicate effectively and their credibility with everyone they write to on a daily basis. We believe that clear and correct writing is essential for business, and that adults of all skill levels can improve, leading to better outcomes in the workplace.


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