The importance of spelling

I know we all have spellcheck and we've read those little poems that people write explaining how spellcheck doesn't solve all your spelling mistakes. Now we even have those forwards about text messages gone wrong. People love to  revel in the surprising language that emerges from some of the smallest spelling mistakes. For example, in undergrad a person I knew wrote a lengthy paper for a professor about the idea of "public reason." Unfortunately, throughout her paper, she frequently wrote about "pubic reason," which is another kind of thinking entirely. When the professor returned the paper, he said that little mistake had really enhanced his reading experience!

I was reminded of that anecdote when I read this sentence today: "He does this by boinging up facts to support his argument." Amazing! The author being discussed in this response essay has become some academic version of Tigger, not only using facts to enhance his points, but "boinging" them into the reader's presence. I want this author to come to my class. I want to know how this boinging really works. I want all writing to go around "boinging" ideas into readers heads. Quite the serendipitous spelling error!

Spelling is important, especially in formal communication, but small errors can lead to lots of laughter :)