More Real World Grammar

The sign below is posted at a pool  at a campground. Can you find at least one error?


1) What are "pierced earrings"? Earrings with holes in them? I imagine the creators of the sign meant something like "No earrings in pierced ears". Even if the creators of the sign are not particularly concerned with clip-on earrings, it would be easier and more accurate to simply write "No earrings."

2) I'm bothered by "No diapers or diaper age child" for a few reasons. It's not parallel: "diapers" is plural; "child" is singular. "Diaper age" should be hyphenated, and "age" should be in the past tense form to function as an adjective. I would prefer "No diapers or diaper-aged children". I expect it was shortened so that it could fit on one line, which brings up another question. Since there is only one pool area, why "in large pool area"? How is "large" helping describe "pool area" in any relevant way?

The sign's lack of credibility was reinforced by the lack of enforcement. My two-year-old niece broke at least four of these rules while we were there!