Real World Grammar

It's been a long summer filled with family, friends, and travel, but very little writing. The best writing moment of the whole summer appeared in a facebook post from someone in my newsfeed:

On this site are posted an amazing collection of real world grammar problems. Hilarity ensues.

When I read these, I was attempting to put my two-year old niece down for a nap. This involves watching one of her favorite television shows, Caillou. So, she's watching Caillou and I'm giggling to myself. She looks at me, laughs a little, and says "Caillou's funny." I agree with her and go back to reading these grammar errors. I'm laughing so hard my belly is shaking. She glances up at me, this time a little strangely. Clearly, Caillou wasn't doing anything she thinks worth laughing about.

I keep reading, keep laughing, tears a rolling down my face. I'm laughing so hard I can't see the screen. My niece reaches up and wipes a tear. "Don't be sad," she says, looking at me with very worried eyes. I stop reading, collect myself, and smile at her. "I'm ok. I'm reading something funny."

"Don't," she insists firmly. So I stop, but only after forwarding these to a bunch of people who I can only hope will laugh half as hard as I did.